miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Unit 4 portfolio : My favourite movie


My favourite film is "Kong in skull island" by John Gatins.
Kong is an american movie based in a pair of scientist who go to an island in the Pacific with the military armor because they want to discover that island called "Skull Island".
When they approach to the island by boat they go up  into the helicopters and then in the island a very big monster appears in front of them.The monster was very big and it was like a gorilla.
They need to go back to their normal lives, run away from the island, because in the island there are a lot of rarus monsters.
My favourite character is captain James Conrad, he is strong and clever, he isn't lazy.
The main characters are captain: Kong, James Conrad , Mills  ,  Mason Weaver ...
Photography by Larry Frong.

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