domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Unit 5 portfolio : at the market


My favourite food is omelette,in my opinion is the best food ever
Ingredients:You need some eggs and one tin of tuna,some potatoes and some small pieces of pepper and some olive oil.
You need a knife an apron and a pan.
There are tournaments of cooking omelette and for the first has a prize.
Is usually in spain normal in buffets or in restaurants,people eat in the afternoon with bread.
When i go to a restaurant or a bar i usually eat with bread.
All restaurants has Spanish omelette,French omelette,tuna omelette...
I recommend to eat with salad and bread it is delicious. 
I like the tuna (My favourite), the french omelette ,the potato omelette, the spanish
I recommend to eat in restaurants on summer when you are in the beach.

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